Shirley Brice Heath

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2016. "The Benefits of Ensemble Music Experience (and why These Benefits Matter so Much in Underserved Communities)" in El Sistema: Music for Social Change. Christine Witkowski, ed. London: Omnibus Press. Pp 73-93. [PDF Available]

2016. "‘THIS IS MY SHOW!’ Beyond reading to envisioning and enacting" in Children as Readers in Children’s Literature: The power of texts and the importance of reading. Evelyn Arizpe and Vivienne Smith, eds. New York City: Routledge. Pp 119-131. [PDF Available]

2015. "Creativity and the work of art and science: A cognitive neuroscience perspective" in The Routledge International Handbook of the Arts and Education. Mike Fleming, Liora Bresler, and John O'Toole, eds. New York City: Routledge. Pp 398-409. [PDF Available]

2015. "Museums, theaters, and youth orchestras: Advancing creative arts and sciences within under-resourced communities". In William G. Tierney, Ed. Rethinking education & poverty. Special issue of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press. Pp. 177-200.

2015. "The creative lock-in". In A. Dittmer, et al., Eds. The power of ideas: The legacy of the Grawemeyer Award. Louisville, KY: University of Kentucky Press. Pp. 119-127. [PDF Available]

2013. (with Kral, Inge). "The world with us: Sight and sound in the 'cultural flows' of informal learning: An indigenous Australian case." Learning, culture and social interaction. [Available offsite]

2013. "Social entrepreneurship: Learning environments with exchange value". In O. Erstad & J. Sefton-Green, Eds. Identity, community, and learning lives in the digital age. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 146-162.

2013. (with Daniel Sobol). "When literacy brings too many risks: A successful lesson in failure". In J. Kalman and B. Street, Eds. Literacy and numeracy in Latin America: Local perspectives and beyond. London: Routledge. Pp. 127-140.


Shirley Brice Heath