Shirley Brice Heath

General Interest/Teacher-practitioner Monographs and Video Productions

musesgoschool | Shirley Brice Heath

2012. "Rebellions, breakthroughs, and secret gardens: The arts and imagination". Herbert Kohl & Tom Oppenheim, Eds. The muses go to school: Inspiring stories about the importance of arts in education. New York: The New Press. Pp. 186-193.

learningschools | Shirley Brice Heath

2007. (with James A. Banks, et al.) Learning in and out of school in diverse environments . Seattle, WA: LIFE Center and Center for Multicultural Education, University of Washington. Pp. 36.

artofengagement | Shirley Brice Heath

2007. (with Bob Adams and Bianca Nunes). The Art of Engagement: A handbook for using the arts in pupil referral units . Doncaster, England: Doncaster Community Arts. 131 pp.

madeforeachother | Shirley Brice Heath

2007. (with Elke Boehncke and Shelby Wolf). Made for each other: Creative arts and sciences in the secondary school. London: Creative Partnerships. 118 pp. [Copyright / Table of contents]

artshow2grow | Shirley Brice Heath

2005. ArtShow 2 Grow. Director and Producer [DVD with two new short documentaries on two youth-based community organizations and the 1999 ArtShow].

dramaticlearning | Shirley Brice Heath

2005. (with Shelby Wolf). Dramatic Learning in the Primary School. [A series of four booklets.] London: Creative Partnerships. 210 pp. [Copyright]

visuallearningarray | Shirley Brice Heath

2004. (with Shelby Wolf). Visual learning in the community school. [A series of five booklets.] London: Creative Partnerships. 240 pp. [Copyright]


1999. ArtShow. Director. Documentary video produced for Partners for Livable Communities and for distribution to PBS. 56min. 40 sec. [Winner of Gold Award, Worldfest Video and Film Festival, Houston, 2000; Winner of Chris Award, 2000].

1999. (co-authored with Laura Smyth). ArtShow: youth and community development. A resource guide to accompany documentary ArtShow. In cooperation with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Washington, D.C. Partners for Livable Communities. 96 pp.

1999. (co-authored with Sara DeWitt). Truths to Tell: Youth and Newspaper Reading. Monograph. St. Petersburg, FL: Poynter Institute, 1995. Pp. 26.

1995. LISTEN UP! Youth as Resources. Director. Documentary video produced with Milbrey W. McLaughlin, Stanford University. Funded by the Spencer Foundation. 26 minutes.

1992. Language is a Moving Force. Director. Documentary video produced for World Conference on Education for All. Funded by the World Bank and UNICEF. 30 min.

1991. (with Leslie Mangiola). Children of Promise: Language-based learning with students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Washington, D.C.: National Education Association, Center for the Study of Writing, and American Educational Research Association. Pp.64.

1986. Inside Learners: Cross-age Tutoring in Bilingual Education. Director and Producer. Documentary video. Funded by the Packard Foundation. 28 min.


Shirley Brice Heath